About Sans Wine Co.

We source organically grown grapes from old vine vineyards in Lake, Mendocino and Napa Counties. Our wines are made naturally and are produced in the Napa Valley. All of our wines are certified vegan, contain no added sulfites and are fermented dry, with no residual (or added) sugar. We're the first producer of single vineyard, variety and vintage specific wines packaged in cans!

Natural wines

Nothing added or removed during the winemaking process. What clean wine wants to be.

Organically farmed vineyards

We only work with family owned, old vine, organically farmed vineyards in Lake, Mendocino and Napa Counties.

Eco-friendly packaging

Fully recyclable, lightweight, portable cans and bottles.

No added sulfites

We do not add any sulfur dioxide to our wines. We don’t need to.

Variety, vintage, vineyard specific wines

Our wines reflect a time and place.

Vegan certified

Wines are all finished unfined and unfiltered, without the use of any animal by-products.

Our Wine

We make seven different single vineyard canned wines, and a bottled red.

White & Rosé Wines

Red Wines

Variety Packs

All Wines

Sans Wine Subscription

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